Five Children and It: Comprehension and Vocabulary Workbook: Level 5

Five Children and It: Comprehension and Vocabulary Workbook: Level 5
Five Children and It: Comprehension and Vocabulary Workbook: Level 5

The accompanying Workbooks for Explorers Level 5 can be used in the classroom or by children working independently.. They bring first language teaching methods to reading lessons in international classrooms. The activities develop reading comprehension skills and literary appreciation, practise vocabulary recognition, support spelling and provide opportunities for writing.Macmillan English Explorers have been written specifically for young learners of English

ISBN 978-1-4050-6099-8
Автор Louis Fidge
Автор на обложке Louis Fidge
Вес 70
Высота упаковки 2
Глубина упаковки 250
Год выпуска 2007
Издательство Macmillan Education
Количество страниц 24
Серия Macmillan English Explorers
Тип издания Отдельное издание
Тип обложки Мягкая обложка
Формат издания 185x250
Ширина упаковки 190
Язык издания Английский
купить 281.00
купить 281.00

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Dolly Parton - Hello Dolly on The Dolly Show Five Children and It: Comprehension and Vocabulary Workbook: Level 5

Dolly Parton - Hello Dolly on The Dolly Show

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